Ultrafine Mill

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

XZM Ultrafine mill

Zenith's XZM Ultrafine mill is designed by our engineers and technicians on the basis of multiple innovation, test and more than twenty-year experience in mill manufacture.

This ultrafine mill has absorbed many advantages of home and aboard mill manufacturing technique. It is the representation of leading level of high quality grinding machine. It is proved that our product has perfect performance and high quality.

Ultrafine Mill is widely used for micron powder producing. It is suitable to grind the material with middle and low hardness, moisture below 6%, and the material should be non-explosive and non-flammable, such as: calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, steatite, mica, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, phosphate ore, potassium ore pumice, etc.

The size of the finished product can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh.This machine ishigh efficiency and low consumption ultrafine processing equipment.

Selection method of ultrafine mill's wear parts

Any kind of equipment is made up of a lot of parts, such as ultrafine mill, in addition to its internal grinding roller spindle these core components, there are many other accessories, such as screw bolts, each role is different, but the quality of different parts, also have different effects on the ultrafine mill work, here is to introduce how to choose ultrafine milling equipment accessories.

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

Grinding roller and ring is the core equipment in ultrafine mill, so the choice of roller is not only to ensure its strong quality, but also to ensure the rotation accuracy of the two parts, whith is the necessary condition to ensure the smooth production. And then choose the appropriate accessories according to the model of the ultrafine mill, so that the production process can be helped.

Bearing is also one of the most important parts in the ultrafine grinding equipment. When selected, wear resistance is an important aspect to be concerned. In addition, the parts need to have high coordination precision, in order to adapt to the problem of deformation in production, it is necessary to reduce the assembly and ensure that the component has a certain self - position performance.

Because the production environment of ultrafine mill is very bad, it will be worn, replaced, and so on in production.Therefore, we should pay attention to better wear resistance, load capacity and aseismic ability. In addition, it is necessary to have better cooling capacity, which is to prevent the heat caused by the deformation problem.

Significant Working Performance Characteristics

  1. High grinding efficiency and high fineness of the product

    The grinding efficiency of ultrafine mill is greatly improved by using a new design of grinding roller grinding ring grinding curve. The production capacity of the model can reach 4-12 tons per hour. The disposable product fineness can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 μm.

  2. Operation is stable, safe and reliable

    Ultra fine mill chamber adopts rolling bearing and bolt design, so there is no bearing and its seal wearing problems, but also will not damage the machine's screw. The operation of the equipment is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low.

  3. Long service life and low operating cost:

    Grinding roller and grinding ring are made of high wear-resistant material, and the service life is much longer than that of ordinary material. According to the report, it is shown that the service life of impact crusher and turbine grinder is two to three times when the material and fineness of the product are the same.

  4. Green environmental protection

    the muffler can effectively reduce the noise, and the use of the pulse dust collector can effectively reduce the dust pollution. In the process of use, the model can fully meet the national environmental protection standards, and it has little pollution to the surrounding environment.

How to use the ultrafine mill dust collector?

Ultrafine grinding mill in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the need to install dust removal equipment, used to collect dust, to prevent the spillover phenomenon, generally speaking, in the process of using the fittings is not immutable and frozen, if used improperly or without reasonable maintenance, so there will be damage to the phenomenon, in view of this phenomenon we are, on the matters needing attention are introduced.

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

Generally speaking, in the production of ultrafine mill, precipitator hopper will be a lot of dust slowly landing, flying two times on against the current leakage caused by dust and air landing, and so many lifetimes, the ash discharging port if there is leakage phenomenon, the dust concentration of dust in multiples higher than the dust concentration at the inlet, this may make the equipment removal efficiency decreased.

In production, the use of dust, to prevent the gas in the bag chamber is cooled below the dew point, especially when the use of dust collector under negative pressure, but it should be noted that, due to the dust source gas with high concentration, even if only 1% short escape will exceed the emission scale, so for this point, if we want to ensure the environmental performance of superfine grinding machine, to prevent the overflow phenomenon of dust source gas.

The other is dust removal equipment shell often have air leakage into the bag, the gas chamber temperature is lower than the dew point, the bag will be damp, dust is not loose, but which attached to the bag, the fabric cleaning holes blocked, caused by failure, the dust removal system pressure is too large, no law of succession operation, some cannot paste bag dust, so this is one of the reasons of equipment can not meet environmental requirements, when in use, for this phenomenon, should be timely treatment.

Standard operation of ultrafine mill

The performance of ultrafine grinder is not only related to the situation of the equipment itself, but also to the operation in production, so the concept we often talk about is standard operation. So what kind of operation is standard operation? Here we are going to introduce some of the key points that are included in the operation of the ultrafine mill.

  1. Start operation, check the mechanical and electrical appliances and other parts, check whether the connecting bolts are loose, then check the lubricant is normal, whether it is normal for reliable transmission, protection device is intact or not, and whether the electric instrument sensitive contacts brushless motor and other aspects of the situation is not good, these parts are standard you can start, otherwise to be processed;
  2. Press the start button to start the motor, pay attention to the current changes in the process of starting, should pay attention to grinding, no more than two consecutive start, and second times every 5 minutes or more, if the third start, must be electrician, fitter with inspections, before starting, from this perspective, the early preparation process that is very important;
  3. To observe the operation of the hollow shaft, oil ring with the rotation axis and the hollow oil temperature of ultra-fine grinding mill is normal, such as the discovery of hollow shaft fever, close to the tile burning, should immediately take mandatory cooling measures, shall not stop immediately, so as to avoid the "axle", in the process, we should pay attention to check the lubrication oil, gas temperature, timing.

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Technical Data

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill
Name & Model XZM221 XZM232 XZM236
Ring roll number (pcs) 21 32 36
Working diameter (mm) Φ800 Φ900 Φ1000
Grinding rill and roller path number (pcs) 1X3 1×4 1×4
Revolving Speed (rmin) 230-240 200-220 180-200
Max feed size (mm) ≤10 ≤20 ≤20
Final size (mesh) 325-2500 325-2500 325-2500
Output (kgh) 400-4500 400-5500 400-7500
contour dimension (mm) 13000×3000×5800 14700×4800×8600 18000×4600×8600
Whole machine capacity (kw) 144-165 185-204 263-290
Main motor Model YB2-250M-4 YB2-280M-8 YB2-315L1-6
Power (kw) 55 45×2 110
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 750 990
Analytical engine (FM motor) Model Y180M-4 Y180L-4 Y100L1-4
Power (kw) 18.5 22 30
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Blower motor Model Y225M-2 Y250M-2 Y280M-2
Power (kw) 45 55 75
Rotate speed (rmin) 2940 2940 2940
Elevator Bucket model TH-200 TH-200 TH-300
Motor model Y100L-4 YB2-100L2-4 YB2-112M-4
Motor power (kw) 3 3 4
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Hammer Crusher Hammer Crusher model PC300×400 PC400×600 PC400×600
Motor model YB2-160M-4 YB2-180M-4 YB2-180M-4
Power (kw) 11 18.5 18.5
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Magnetic vibrating feeder Model GZ1F GZ1F  
Power (kw) 0.06 0.06  
Electrical machine Model     LS159×1050
Power (kw)     2.2
Discharge valve Discharge valve model ZJD-200 ZJD-200 ZJD-200
Motor model YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4
Power (kw) 0.75×2 0.75×2 0.75×3
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Pulse dust collectors Model DMC120-II model DMC144-II model DMC184-II model
Air compressor Air compressor Model KSH100D-7.5KW KSH240D-15KW KSH240D-15KW
Motor model YB2-132M-4 YB2-160L-4 YB2-160L-4
Power (kw) 7.5 15 15
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440